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 Certificate Programs

Lay Counseling Certification 

Keep clear of psychiatrists unless you know that they are Christians. Otherwise, they start with the assumption that your religion is an illusion and try to “cure” it.  C. S. Lewis, 1966  


Our mission is rooted in Solution Focused Counseling. We operate from an understanding that believers have the answers that they need in God.  Our goal is to help individuals, couples and families get unstuck and move forward in being transformed into the perfect image of Christ Jesus. Solution-Focused Counseling is not about changing a person’s personality or focusing on the root of the problem. Rather, we focus on helping them build on their strengths to identify and achieve life goals.  


        Individuals and church ministry leaders may earn Covenant Counseling Ministries’ Lay Counseling Certificate.   


Level I Certificate

You must successfully complete these six courses:  

Personality Assessments

How to Fight Fair in Life and Relationships

Conflict Resolution  

Anger Management  

When to Refer and Referral Resources  

Christian Ethics and Concerns 


Level II Certification  

Counseling, whether lay counseling or professional counseling, is both challenging and rewarding. Professional counselors are required to participate in Supervision as an adjunct to their training. Supervision is conducted with a licensed or experienced counselor where cases are confidentially discussed and lay counselors are supported and provided direction.  Covenant Counseling takes its call to “prepare Apostolic Believers for the care of others” seriously and as such Level II Supervision is an essential part of the professional level of training that you receive.


Complete one hundred hours of supervision and continued education which can be obtained through:  

Group or Individual Sessions with a Trained Supervisor  

Continued Education Units approved by the AACC and Covenant Ministries

Covenant Counseling’s Marriage Boot Camp   


Who Should Attend:



Mentors or Relationship Experts 


Why Should You Attend:

Identify Strength and Growth Areas

Explore Personality Traits

Strengthen Communication Skills

Resolve Conflict and Reduce Stress

Establish Personal, Couple, and Family Goals   


Continuing education hours for the State of Missouri & Iowa!

Dr. C. Carl Wilson, DBH, LPC, CRADC



Anger Management Certification 

Do you want to offer Certified Anger Management classes or groups in your local practice, assembly or as an independent contractor?  We offer a three-day certification program.  The three- day training workshops provides certification to conduct court approved anger management classes.   


"While you do have the right to be angry, you do not have the right to be verbally or physically abusive."  Our mission is to assist individuals, couples, and families to develop confidence and master problem-solving and positive coping skills for personal situations and issues. This course satisfies the court ordered 12-hours of evidence based anger management class.    


Level I Certification

Trainees will be required to complete the following courses:

What is Anger (Good or Bad)

Crisis Cycle

Relaxation Techniques

Emotional Intelligence

The Brain

Personality Style

Communication Style

Conflict Resolution

Anger Management Assessment


Level II Certification

Trainees must complete our 16-hour supervision course and complete 8 hours of independent study.  Level II certification will allow the certified to train others at level I.

Who Should Attend?

Mental Health Professionals

Health Professionals


Law Enforcement Officers



What Participants Will Learn:

Participants build their emotional awareness skills by learning ways to:

Prevent impulsive reactions by understanding how anger manifests

Calming techniques

Restructure anger-inflaming thoughts and beliefs

Manage stress and emotional tension

Communicate with others in a way that improves situations (Fighting Fair)

Appropriately release anger energy so it doesn't build up within the body


In this course we will explore the effects of stress and diet choices as contributing factors to increased anger and stress related disorders.


This program is approved and endorsed by NASW and SAMHAS.  The certification is as an Anger Management Specialist.  


Many counselors, social and mental health workers, law enforcement, probation officers, educators, chaplains, leaders, pastors and health professionals are electing to become certified to train clients, groups and students in anger management skills. Those completing this course may offer anger management classes, groups, assessments and treatment - awarding certificates to individuals required to complete anger management programs.


Continuing education hours for the State of Missouri & Iowa!

Dr. C. Carl Wilson, DBH, LPC, CRADC



Restore - Faith-Based Support Group

RESTORE, a faith-based support group


Our mission is to RESTORE, equip, teach and assist individuals in transforming into the perfect image of Jesus Christ.


“RESTORE” is a sound, evidence informed substance abuse program designed to teach basic facts about addictions, the healing process and how you can truly impact the life of a loved one struggling with substance abuse. Galatians 6:1 instructs that we get involved.


The goal is to RESTORE (to mend; fit back together) those whose lives are overtaken in the sin of addiction. People without addictions simply cannot understand it and don’t know what to do when it comes to a loved one affected. Christ’s vision was the Great Commission, which tells us as Christians to go forth and spread the good news.


With this at the heart of our purpose, we believe God’s vision for RESTORE at your church is to be a caring community committed to providing an environment where those that are suffering from Alcohol and Substance Abuse/Dependence can receive support and evidence based treatment.


What Participants Will Learn

Our goal is to assist those struggling to overcome and recover from addiction.  To provide loving and caring support to family members affected by addiction. 


Galatians 6:1(KJV)

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.


Participants are required to complete the following courses:

Individual Assessment Tools

Conducting Groups

Process of Change

Relapse Prevention


Spiritual Support



Who Should Attend

Mental Health Professionals


 Mentors or Relationship Experts 


What makes RESTORE different from other recovery programs is that unlike traditional treatment programs and recovery groups, we use God’s Word in additional to scientific evidence based techniques to help people overcome the guilt, frustration, hopelessness, fear, and shame associated with destructive life-styles.   


We teach and endorse the disease concept of addictions and the saving, restoring power of Christ to overcome and be victorious in life.


Continuing education hours for the State of Missouri & Iowa!

Dr. C. Carl Wilson, DBH, LPC, CRADC


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