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Call us today at (760) 241-6044 to arrange for your customized seminar or retreat. We conduct marriage and couple (you don't have to be married) seminars using material developed out of our private practice in counseling. Our material mixes faith with behavioral science to improve relationships with practical application. Here are just some of the topics that we cover:


Personality Assessments - Assessments are self-report measures of what might be called traits, temperaments, or dispositions. The benefits of using assessments include an increased ability to predict probable attitudes and behaviors that could ultimately influence the individual's success or failure and, therefore, impact the relationship and family dynamics. 


How To Fight Fair – Fights are a reality in marriage, good and bad relationships have them. Fighting itself is not wrong, but it is how we do it that makes it right or wrong. We have to learn how to fight fair in love and relationships.


Conflict Resolution - Conflict is a natural occurrence, particularly in family networks with multiple members having to work together. The varying backgrounds and opinions of different family members often lead to different conclusions or ideas on how to handle problems. While some people choose to avoid conflict, others employ conflict management skills to resolve the situation. Training yourself on conflict management provides beneficial skills for any relationship.


Spilt Sessions (Love Languages/Love and Respect) – (Men) learning love languages is incredibly beneficial to our relationship.  The fact that males and females are so different when it comes to the biological and physiological make up,  communicating wants, needs and desire can be difficult.  (Women) Love and Respect addresses what a woman wants and a man needs.


Other topics include: Loving Yourself, Stress Management, I'm Single, Now What?, Blended Families and much more. We are able to cater to your needs. 


There is also an option for a panel discussion addressing questions and concerns. 


Additional Seminar/Workshops


Leadership Training 

We use a spiritual profile assessment which is a faith based tool specifically designed to assist the Christian to the next level of their personal development, plus identify their strengths and uniqueness to improve their leadership skills. 


Anger Management/Conflict Resolution

Anger is a natural emotion with a wide range of intensity, from mild irritation and frustration to rage.  Anger is not a bad emotion; it is all about how we express it – that makes it good or bad. Understanding what we have control over and what we don’t is the first step to managing our emotions.  We use the 8 core principles of Anger Management.



Courses meets qualifications for continued education in the State of Missouri & Iowa!

Dr. C. Carl Wilson, DBH, LPC, CRADC 


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