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Internships at Covenant Counseling 

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One of the primary missions of Covenant is the training of pre-and postdoctoral Psychology, License Professional Clincial Counselors, and Marriage and Family Counselors.  All are trained in brief and long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy. The program offers a diverse client and clinical experience. There is intensive and extensive supervision and training to prepare interns for their profession. Internships are available for Profesional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Social Work (MSW), Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), and pre- and postdoctoral candidates.



There is a minimum requirement of a one-year commitment to the program. In addition, participation in individual and group supervision is provided with ongoing core curriculum training.


LPCC, MSW and MFT trainee and intern applications are accepted yearly on a case by case, including applications for limited openings in May, and Doctor of Behavioral Health application are on a case by case.


Prospective interns may contact (760) 241-6044 to be connected to the appropriate department.  All applications are reviewed and students are then invited to be interviewed.


DBH, LPCC, MSW and MFT internships are 18 to 20 hours per week; predoctoral internships are full or half time.  All interns are required to see clients one evening per week and to commit hours on Friday and/or Saturday.


Training Program

The training program is designed to evaluate and enhance competency levels in clinical knowledge, skills, and judgment. Interns receive weekly supervision by highly qualified clinical staff, as well as opportunities to further refine existing ideas and skills. Structurally, the internships are designed to provide a comprehensive, organized sequence of training and direct clinical experience. Interns who are interested in working with children and adolescents will have the opportunity to work in the local school district. Interns are required to master the administrative aspects of our agency.

The core program consists of:

  • Individual and Group Supervision
  • Counseling Individuals
  • Counseling Couples and Families
  • Co-facilitating Group Psychotherapy
  • Crisis Intervention and Hotline Rotation
  • Weekly Educational Seminars
  • Diagnostic Assessment Training


The Center offers seminars and training in theory, techniques, and applied interventions, including:

  • Psychotropic Medication
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Object Relations and Self Psychology
  • Family and Couple Therapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Ethical and Legal Issues

Interns are required to attend training seminars.  These seminars are designed to educate interns about theoretical and practical information relevant to various areas of intervention.  Seminars are also an opportunity for interns to discuss topics of interest for their professional development.  Examples of topics include: basics of psychodynamic therapy, crisis intervention, transference and counter transference, interpretation in psychotherapy, legal and ethical issues, multicultural issues, self-disclosure, the mental status examination, short-term therapy, couples and family therapy.  These seminars and workshops are open to all interns.  The presenters are seasoned professionals from local universities, and psychoanalytic institutes.



Interns will participate in weekly individual and group supervision in a variety of treatment settings. The minimum amount of supervision that the intern receives is based upon licensing requirements. For each modality in which the intern participates, there is required additional training and supervision. Interns present their cases orally.  It is understood that growth occurs in the context of close effective supervision, coupled with the intern’s freedom to experiment and develop a sense of independence and competence.  Covenant Counseling supports ongoing exchange between supervisee and supervisor, and is open to examination and modification of clinical programs and procedures to meet changing needs.


Covenant Counseling Staff
Covenant Counseling is a highly respected and sought after training facility for mental health interns.  Our agency is staffed by licensed professionals and a highly dedicated administrative staff.  Supervision and training are presented by multidisciplinary staff of licensed professionals from the fields of Psychology, Social Work, and Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling.  Supervisors have a great deal of clinical experience from their own private practices and training as supervisors.

  • LPCC, MFT and MSW applicants:
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We are a Certified Employment Agency for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program 

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