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The DISC Assessment

Uniquely You is one of the most popular profile providers and the pioneer for the 4 DISC personality types.  You can now assess your own strengths and "uniquenesses" by identifying your DISC personality profile.  


Dr. Wilson has worked with the Uniquely You DISC assessment for over 5 years with astonishing results.  If you order the assessment through him, he will give you a personal session for interpretation and feedback to help you use the results to immediately improve your communications and relationships.

Why get a DISC assessment?

Identify your behavioral profile and improve interpersonal relationships

Gain insight into the adaptive and natural styles of behavior of yourself and others

Increase your appreciation of others, respect and value differences

Have your team profile done so you can determine how to work better together

Use the DISC as a part of your hiring assessment so you can find the best fit for the position.


The DISC helps people explore behavior across four primary dimensions:






Purchase one assessment for $65 below and you will get the link to take the assessment online. A personalized report on your strengths and areas of development will be emailed back to you or contact us for a personalized session. 

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